When will my refund arrive?

  • The IRS starts processing refunds on January 20, 2015. Most direct deposits are received within 21 days of processing. If the IRS selects your return for additional review you should expect the refund to take more than 30 days to arrive.
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Why is my Refund less than I expected?

  • The IRS may offset your refund for back taxes you owe to the IRS. When this happens they simply hold out what is owed to them and send you any remaining balance. You will get a letter from them explaining all the details.
  • Your refund may also be reduced for other debts you owe like child support, student loans, money you owe a state, etc. Just like back taxes they will take what you owe and give you any remaining balance. You will receive a letter from the IRS explaining all the details.
  • Your return may have been selected for additional screening. When this happens the IRS may send a portion of your refund now and the remaining balance when they finish their screening procedures.